Quality management system can be defined as an ensemble of planned actions and measures referring to quality, which guarantees that the finished product meets the quality requirements set by documentations developed in accordance with european standards (EN) or international standards (ISO).

We produce quality containers

~~ Your benefit and our goal ~~

How do we improve the quality of our containers?

Continuous quality improvement is our duty and obligation because we want our partners to be more than satisfied. Also, it has an important role in physical and psychic comfort growth especially by the reduction of maintainance costs following the acquisition.That is the reason why our objectives are:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • future owners physical and psychic comfort growth;
  • expense reduction for our partners during containers exploitation;
  • elimination of the discomfort caused by non-compliance in execution;
  • habitable container 
  • eficiency and efficacy improvement of whole organization processes;
  • reduction of non-quality losses;

Quality management system certified according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard

Cert. nr. HU-MSZT 503/1261-1063 Cert. nr. 503/1261 Cert. nr. UIC - 1014 DM 137